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Intravitreal Injections

Your doctor might recommend treating the retina medically with an intravitreal injection. These are commonly used for age related macular degeneration, retinal vein occlusions, and diabetic retinopathy, as well as many other retinal conditions. We offer all current medications, including the anti-VEGF drugs bevacizumab (Avastin®), ranibizumab (Lucentis®), and aflibercept (Eylea®), the steroids triamcinolone (Triesence ®), the dexamethasone intravitreal implant (Ozurdex ®), and the fluocinolone implant Iluvien®, as well as ocriplasmin (Jetrea TM) a drug for the treatment of vitreomacular traction and macular hole.


Various lasers are used frequently within ophthalmology. Our doctors use lasers for treating patients with certain conditions, and may recommend a laser treatment for:
- Retinal tears to prevent a retinal detachment
- To treat growth of new blood vessels in patients with diabetic retinopathy and retinal vein occlusions
- To treat swelling of the retina in diabetic retinopathy and central serous retinopathy

Photodynamic Therapy

Photodynamic therapy or PDT, sometimes referred to as a "cold laser", can be used as a treatment for chorioretinal diseases. It involves the injection of a light activated drug into a vein in the arm, and activation of the drug in the effected area of the eye with the application of a low energy laser.

Pneumatic Retinopexy

In some cases of retinal detachment, it may be possible to perform an in-office procedure to repair a detached retina. This procedure involves treating the tear in the retina with cryotherapy and in injection of a gas bubble into the eye to bandage the retina in place while the eye heals. It can provide an excellent visual result while avoiding the need for surgery in the right patient.

Vitreoretinal Surgery

Should you need surgery, our doctors are experts in the surgical repair of routine and complex retinal disease, including retinal detachment, vitreous hemorrhage, macular hole, macular pucker, retained lens material following cataract surgery, and other retinal conditions that require surgery. Our surgeries are done at Winchester Medical Center employing the most current technology and equipment.